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Wry Vly Cell Vyd Fam Est 
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Vintage / NameRatingCommentDate
2001 Russian River Pinot NoirC-DWow, first Pinot with real body I have ever tasted. Smells of fruit and oak...03/04/05
2002 Russian River Pinot NoirDThe first Williams Selyem I tasted and I immediately fell in love with thei...10/21/05
2003 Coastlands Vineyard Pinot NoirCBold juicy pinot with a clean balanced finished. Drank it with Vietnamese d...02/01/08
2003 Ferrington Vineyard Pinot NoirC-DOne of the best Pinots ever tasted - smells more like a cab, and tastes gre...02/09/08
2003 Flax Vineyard Pinot NoirB-CLighter than the RRV Pinots, but still very pleasing and may improve with t...04/17/06
2003 Russian River Pinot NoirCVery smooth and fruity pinot with plenty of structure, their style blows aw...12/20/05
2003 Sonoma Coast Pinot NoirCTastes of dark cherry sauce and earthy flavours with minerals on the finish...11/01/08
2003 Sonoma County Pinot NoirCA little earthier than other WS Pinots, but still has good fruit that fills...07/30/06
2003 Vista Verde Pinot NoirCGood flavours of berry and spices, with some structure that you can almost ...12/29/07
2004 Bucher Vineyard Russian River Valley Pinot NoirBSubtle fruit flavours with a medium finish.02/13/09
2004 Russian River Pinot NoirCDefinitely a WS Pinot, but not as powerful as earlier years. But I would st...12/08/06
2004 Vista Verde Vineyard Pinot NoirB-CVanilla and berries with a medium fruity finish04/17/09
2005 Russian River Valley Pinot NoirCGood fruit and balance, with a nice mineral and berry finish.03/28/09
2007 Bucher Vineyard Russian River Valley Pinot NoirB-CLots of cherries,bursting with fruit. Good balance with decent tannins. Ear...10/31/09
2007 Litton Estate Vineyard Pinot NoirB-CGood body, very refined flavours and chewy tannins that will age well. More...10/31/09
2007 Weir Vineyard Russian River Valley Pinot NoirCExcellent balance of fruit and minerals with good tannins. Best wine of the...10/31/09
2009 Bacigaluna Vineyard ZinfandelBGood fruity nose to start, some depth but falls short on the finish. Probab...05/07/11
2009 Impaled ChardonnayBNice fruit tones and clean with limited structure. Crisp and mild acidity. ...05/07/11
2009 Limestone Ridge at Bista Verde Chenin BlancA-BLight and crisp - like watered citrus juice. Balanced for what there is, ma...05/07/11
2009 Russian River Valley Pinot NoirBInitially tones of mineral that gives way to fruity tannins. Needs more tim...05/07/11
2009 Sonoma County Pinot NoirB-CCherry jam with a hint of strawberries and raspberry on the mid palate. Me...05/07/11
2009 Westside road neighbors Pinot NoirB-CVanilla to start - almost seems cooler than other wines, but bottles are al...05/07/11

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