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Wry Vly Cell Vyd Fam Est 
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Vintage / NameRatingCommentDate
2004 Rosso di Sette Fratelli, Carneros - MerlotA-BHuge fruit again with little finish. Seems to be the standard at the winery...09/01/07
2004 Sonoma County ValerianoB81% Cabernet and 17% Sangiovese. An interesting blend. Definitely had more ...09/01/07
2005 Barbera - CarnerosA-BPerfume nose; again huge fruit. Deep scarlet. Not for me09/01/07
2005 Carneros NebbioloA-BVery interesting nose and extremely fruity with little tannins. If you like...09/01/07
2005 Carneros Pinot NoirA-BOh dear. The nose alone is making me dread trying this one… But the server ...09/01/07
2005 North Coast PrimitivoBNot sure if I am just getting used to the fruit overload at this stage but ...09/01/07
2006 Bianco di Sei Sorelle - ChardonnayA-BFirst wine of the day and a rough start. Very fruity but tart finish. Move ...09/01/07
2006 Sonoma Coast Pinot GrigioA-BI am a fan of a nice Pinot Grigio on a sunny day so I was hoping this would...09/01/07

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