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Wry Vly Cell Vyd Fam Est 
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Vintage / NameRatingCommentDate
2001 Oakville Cabernet SauvignonCFills the mouth with smooth flavours - best wine at the winery. 05/07/05
2001 Rutherford Cabernet SauvignonB-CBalanced Cabernet, earthy and berry flavours that you expect from a Rutherf...05/07/05
2002 Beckstoffer Carneros MerlotCLots of fruit on the nose, balanced berry flavours on the palate and good f...05/07/05
2002 Carneros MerlotBLighter than the Beckstoffer, a nice drinker, but no big flavours or finish...05/07/05
2002 Oakville Cabernet SauvignonB-CDark garnet coloured Cabernet, nice fruit and classic finish. 05/07/05
2002 Rutherford Cabernet SauvignonCA big chewy Cabernet - lots of structure with earthy tones mixed with berry...05/07/05
2005 Rutherford Cabernet SauvignonB-CLots of fruit on the nose, good earthy fruit on the tongue and tannins comi...01/31/08
2006 Rutherford Cabernet SauvignonCMild nose of darkl berry, slightly acidic on the tongue with a medium dust ...06/24/10

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