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Vintage / NameRatingCommentDate
2002 ClaretaA-BBlend of Cabernet, Tempranillo and Grenache that smells like balsamic vineg...06/21/08
2002 DiamantBA blend of Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Seems mos...06/21/08
2004 CarignaneBSmells of raspberry jam. Hot on the finish, but may improve with air time d...06/21/08
2005 "Old Vine" CarignaneA-BGoes well with Olive oil and fresh bread - more of the balsamic vinegar wit...06/21/08
2005 "Old Vine" ZinfandelA-BFlavour hits the roof of your mouth - peppery with a strange aftertaste.06/21/08
2005 MerlotBLighter merlot, slightly chewy on the palate that may have some life. 06/21/08
2005 Petite SirahBDry on the palate with a taste of redcurrants.06/21/08
2006 Brut Sparkling WineBLight and refreshing with medium acidic flavours on the tongue. Short finis...06/21/08
2006 Cabernet SauvignonA-BVery young - the wine started being poured a couple of weeks ago. Hard to t...06/21/08
2006 Pinot NoirA-BToasted cranberry, unusual flavour for pinot.06/21/08
2006 Raspberry Sparkling WineBTastes like raspberry cream soda - odd smell of garden herbs. Very sweet06/21/08
2006 Un-oaked ChardonnayASteel fermentation instead of oak barrels - hence the name. No fruit, surpr...06/21/08
2006 ViognierA-BVery sweet and not much flavour - ok when chilled for a hot day.06/21/08

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