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Wry Vly Cell Vyd Fam Est 
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Vintage / NameRatingCommentDate
2006 Mays Canyon Pinot NoirBLight with raspberry notes.08/24/08
2006 Sonoma Coast Pinot NoirB-CVery smooth, fruity - medium short finish. Our Pinot expert Rob was very im...07/18/08
2006 The Haven Pinot NoirBDarker than the Mays Canyon. More flowery than fruity at first, but then tu...08/24/08
2007 Charles Heintz VineyardB-CVery nice Chardonnay. Hard to justify the $65 when you can have 4 bottles o...03/16/11
2007 Les Larmes Anderson Valley PinotB-CSome decent complexity in this one, bit of everything, nice mouthful and a ...03/16/11
2007 Pinot Noir Sonoma CoastBPleasant straightforward pinot. Better values around.03/16/11
2008 Pivot Vineyard PinotBAccording to Ted Lemon the winemaker, this is the most feminine wine in the...03/16/11
2008 Platt Vineyard PinotCSolid effort, bigger body matched with style, darker fruit flavors, given t...03/16/11

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