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Vintage / NameRatingCommentDate
1991 Georges de Latour (Magnum)CMusty on the nose, certainly an old earthy wine. Still some body left in th...04/14/07
1993 Georges de LatourCPicked up some 93 that were found by the wine store and were selling at hal...03/08/08
1994 Georges de LatourC-DThis will last for years, excellent structure, fruit flavours that fill the...09/21/04
1994 Rutherford Cabernet SauvignonC-DExcellent - great jammy nose, fills the mouth and has nice tannins. This is...11/04/04
1994 TapestryCGood balance, a nice blend of Cabernet, Merlot and Cab Franc that finishes ...04/30/06
1995 Georges de LatourDBest tasting GDL right now - still got lots of fruit after 10 years in the ...05/12/06
1995 TapestryCMostly Cabernet in this years blend. Good red fruits on the palate, with go...01/10/05
1996 Georges de LatourCGreat fruit on the nose - fruity berries and structure with a long balanced...04/17/06
1996 Rutherford Cabernet SauvignonC-DAnother great Rutherford Cabernet from BV - excellent nose, fruit and finis...11/07/04
1996 TapestryCA solid Cabernet blend, plenty of fruit and tannins that should keep this d...12/22/04
1997 Rutherford Cabernet SauvignonCStrong tannins, with classic flavours and a finish you can savour01/28/06
1997 TapestryDVery Drinkable - before or during a meal. "A beautiful wine" - Shane09/12/04
1998 TapestryBLight fruits, not as strong as prior years - may already be past its best.05/21/06
1999 Georges de LatourCGood nose to open and lingering finish - this should age well12/10/05
1999 Rutherford Cabernet SauvignonCGood dust taste and solid tannins that give this wine good structure10/21/07
1999 TapestryB-CNice blend, good fruit and decent finish. Not as much as the 1997 at its pe...02/22/08
2000 Coastal Cabernet SauvignonBI have not tasted many coastal BVs - light in flavour and body, but drinkab...02/02/04
2000 Dulcet ReserveA-BLight and short09/21/05
2000 Napa Valley Cabernet SauvignonA-BWinery thought this was black cherry, anise and tobacco - got none of that,...02/14/04
2000 Private Reserve Pinot NoirBI prefer Cabs from BV, and this Pinot confirmed my opinion. Not very balanc...12/20/05
2000 Rutherford Cabernet SauvignonB-CLighter than other years, but good solid fruit and flavours 02/03/04
2000 TapestryBTapestry normal tastes lighter than other cabs as a balanced blend, but thi...12/29/07
2001 EnsembleB-CMade in the style of Rhone wines, it is a blend of Syrah, Grenache and Mour...11/12/06
2001 Georges de LatourCGood fruity nose, good body and finish, classic GDL cab - no TCA found by m...07/17/05
2001 Napa Valley ZinfandelAPoor taste, did not store well. Not worth buying again05/12/04
2001 Rutherford Cabernet SauvignonCLoved this wine - drank with a steak dinner and it matched the meat well wi...01/31/05
2001 Signet Collection ZinfandelB-CVery drinkable - bold but smooth. Good with spicy food. Good Value05/12/04
2001 TapestryB-CGood fruit on the nose, nice balance of berries on the palate and a medium ...07/20/05
2002 Georges de LatourC-DBig tannins, black-ruby in color with a great nose. This is a big wine. Wel...10/14/06
2002 Los Carneros Pinot NoirB-CPleasant Pinot, medium bodied with a clean finish.12/19/04
2003 Dulcet ReserveB-CAn interesting mix of 24% Syrah and 76% Cabernet. A nice, everyday drinking...10/14/06
2003 Georges de LatourCHard to taste alongside the 2002 Georges de Latour. Definitely a lot lighte...10/14/06
2003 TapestryCTapestry is one of our favourite wines. The 2003 is a smooth wine, well str...10/14/06
2004 Carneros Reserve Pinot NoirBWe were not hugely impressed with the Pinot Noir. It seemed very reserved a...10/14/06
2005 Maestro Dry Creek SangioveseBBasically a California Chianti - fruitier and sweeter than expected. Good n...02/08/09
2005 Maestro Ensemble RedBRhone styled blend. Soft and smooth fruit flavours on the palate.02/08/09
2005 Maestro Rutherford MerlotBRutherford Dust and Merlot in the same glass, an interesting combo that wou...02/08/09
2005 Napa Valley Cabernet SauvignonCThanksgiving value wine !! Good rich colour, nicely rounded and smooth frui...11/27/08
2005 Ranch 1 Cabernet SauvignonCGreat mouth filling fruit flavours with a big nose and earthy tannins comin...02/08/09
2005 Ranch 2 Cabernet SauvignonCDustier than the Ranch 1, but with bold dusty Rutherford finish. Earthy fla...02/08/09
2005 Rutherford Cabernet SauvignonB-CGood balance - classic Rutherford nose and dusty palate - Nice dry tannic f...02/08/09
2006 Coastal ZinfandelAMetallic with some fruit01/31/09
2006 Maestro Collection ZinfandelBBigger to start on the palate. Deeper fruit and syrupy finish01/31/09
2006 Mendocino County ReislingB-CPale in colour, with a medium citrusy nose. Crisp and refreshing with a dry...02/08/09
2006 Napa Valley ZinfandelBSmells of smoke and fruit. Tastes like it smells, drinkable, but not a huge...01/31/09

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