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Vintage / NameRatingCommentDate
1997 Estate Cabernet SauvignonC-DGreat aroma on opening the bottle, certainly not corked like a recent 97 Ho...01/18/07
1997 Howell Mountain MerlotCTasted twice, one bottle was corked, the other . May be a storage issue, 10/21/07
1997 Napa Valley Cabernet SauvignonCStill lots of fruit, robust tannins. An excellent wine with mouth filling f...12/25/09
1997 Napa Valley MerlotCVery balanced, good meaty body and smooth tannins to finish. Went well with...12/25/09
1998 Reserve Cabernet SauvignonB-CGreat nose, good fruit on the nose. Tried two bottles - open from the prior...02/17/08
1999 Howell Mountain MerlotDGreat nose, great fruit and a favourite with turkey for Christmas dinner - ...12/25/05
1999 Napa Valley Cabernet SauvignonCDark claret colour, tastes of dark berries and currants. Good tannins and s...04/25/08
1999 Three Palms MerlotA-BDark garnet colour, but no fruit left only tannins and alcohol. Did not imp...06/07/08
2000 Monitor Ledge Cabernet SauvignonCExtremely dark cork, almost black. First taste - needs to open up. Decanted...12/03/07
2000 Napa Valley Cabernet SauvignonCHad to decant it for over an hour. Very smooth and well balanced. Had decen...09/01/07
2001 Decoy Cabernet FrancCGood ruby colour, well balanced with a nice finish, but not too long. Good ...12/29/06
2001 Estate Cabernet SauvignonC-DBest of the Duckhorn tasting of the day on release in spring 2005. Robust a...04/03/05
2001 Estate MerlotCVery smooth - not as big as the Howell Mountain merlot, but still a smooth ...10/23/04
2001 Howell Mountain MerlotC-DImproved since the earlier tasting. Wine ages longer in the barrel due to t...02/18/06
2001 Monitor Ledge Vineyard Cabernet SauvignonCDark colours, well balanced cabernet with a long finish. I always thought D...10/23/04
2001 ParaduxxB-CZinfandel & Cabernet blend that works well - good combination of spice and ...02/06/04
2001 Patzimaro Vineyard Cabernet SauvignonDDarkest of the Cabernets, full fruit on the nose, coasts the tongue with be...10/23/04
2001 Stout Vineyard Cabernet SauvignonC-DAnother excellent Cabernet. Dryer than the other vineyards, but with rich f...10/23/04
2001 Three Palms MerlotCGood colour - dark and rich - long legs on this wine. More earthy than the ...10/23/04
2002 25th Harvest Estate CuveeA-BToo much toast/almonds, with a poor finish. Expected a lot more from this b...04/03/05
2002 Estate Cabernet SauvignonC-DWow - This is a beautiful wine. Huge structure, integrated tannins, layered...02/18/06
2002 Howell Mountain MerlotDBest wine of the day with very tough competition. This is a fantastic wine....12/09/06
2002 Monitor Ledge Cabernet SauvignonC-DSmells not unlike a Bordeaux, lots of oak and dark fruit. Rich flavours and...02/18/06
2002 Napa Valley Cabernet SauvignonCA medium to full bodied and elegant wine with smooth, velvety tannins. Read...04/03/05
2002 Three Palms MerlotCGreat structure, lots of berry fruits with chocolate and tobacco undertones...02/18/06
2003 Estate Cabernet SauvignonCTastes of blackberry and chocolate. Great deep red color and beautiful nose...12/09/06
2003 Estate MerlotC-DMuch bigger than the regular merlot, with more fruit up front and big, inte...12/09/06
2003 Goldeneye Pinot NoirB-CSyrupy but balanced with good medium finish08/12/06
2003 Howell Mountain MerlotB-CHUGE tannins. Finish goes on and on. Extremely dry - way overpowering tanni...02/17/08
2003 Napa Valley MerlotCThis is the main wine for Duckhorn. It is a rich dark red merlot with hint ...02/18/06
2003 ParaduxxBBlended Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon with a hint of Cab Franc and Merlo...02/18/06
2003 Patzimaro Vineyard Cabernet SauvignonB-CGood fruit upfront but disappointing compared to the previous wines. Soft w...12/09/06
2003 Rector Creek Vineyard Cabernet SauvignonC-DVery big Cab. Huge finish with big fruit up front. Great potential but defi...12/09/06
2003 Three Palms MerlotCBetter structure than the Estate Merlot08/12/06
2004 Estate Cabernet SauvignonCBig mouth feel. Good tannins, nice long finish. Will need to come back to t...02/17/08
2004 Estate MerlotC-DSuper smooth. Well balanced and very drinkable. Excellent fruit with tanni...02/17/08
2004 Goldeneye Pinot NoirCVery good Pinot Noir and an excellent way to start the day before moving ov...07/07/07
2004 Howell Mountain Red WineCJust released, a blend of Merlot and Cabernet giving this wine more strucut...07/12/08
2004 Napa Valley Cabernet SauvignonC"That will age". "Tobacco". "Rich on the nose". "Medium flavours, dry finis...02/17/08
2004 Napa Valley MerlotCAnother excellent merlot from Duckhorn. The 2004 was just released and is d...12/09/06
2004 Oakville MerlotC-DWe tried the Oakville Merlot twice. Once at the winery and then at home two...07/07/07
2004 Patzimaro Vineyard Cabernet SauvignonD"Black cherry". Beautiful wine. Big fruit. Cab Franc seems to balance the w...02/17/08
2004 Rector Creek Vineyard Cabernet SauvignonC-D"Fruits of the forest". "Coats the tongue". Big fruit & finish. Very good. ...02/17/06
2004 Three Palms MerlotCGood finish - huge tannins. Tannins overkill the fruit. Come back to this l...02/17/06
2005 Estate MerlotB-CQuite dry with lots of tannins and a "super-long finish". Not much fruit at...07/12/08
2005 Napa Valley Cabernet SauvignonCGood berry fruit - beautiful nose. Very balanced and drinkable - this shoul...07/12/08
2005 Napa Valley MerlotB-CSmooth and fruity, good balance and a nice finish - although I would like i...07/12/08
2005 Napa Valley Sauvignon BlancBI enjoyed the Sauvignon Blanc. Very crisp and fruity, it would be excellent...12/09/06
2005 Three Palms MerlotCLovely fruity nose, good structure and good balance on the finish. This is ...07/12/08
2006 Napa Valley Sauvignon BlancA-B"Bin that". Very fruity citrus.02/17/06
2007 Napa Valley Sauvignon BlancA-BLemony and sharp - not our palate, Sue really didn't like it07/12/08

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