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Vintage / NameRatingCommentDate
1991 Estate Cabernet SauvignonDVery good - still lots of fruit, need to breathe/decant first for 1-2 hrs07/22/05
1992 Estate Cabernet SauvignonC-DExcellent, ideal for special occasions, lots of flavour and depth06/30/06
1993 Estate Cabernet SauvignonC-DVery enjoyable, good body and long finish. "I could drink this all night"12/02/04
1994 Estate Cabernet SauvignonDWell integrated, very good fruit, acidity balance. Nice round tannins. Dri...05/02/09
1995 Estate Cabernet SauvignonC-DGreat depth on this wine, still good fruit and a beautiful finish. A classi...03/08/08
1996 Estate Cabernet SauvignonC-DWell balanced with fruit on the nose, a favourite of the vintage10/17/04
1997 Calistoga Cuvee Cabernet SauvignonCNot as big as the estate, but still a very good wine. 03/19/06
1998 Estate Cabernet SauvignonDExcellent wine. Favourite wine of the day. Tasted great out of the bottle e...04/03/05
1999 Estate Cabernet SauvignonDAnother great wine that will age for years to come. Great color, smell and ...04/03/05
2000 Estate Cabernet SauvignonBNot hugely impressed with the 2000 Estate. Flat finish. Hard to enjoy when ...05/28/06
2000 Napa Valley ChardonnayB-CWe were surprised to be served a 2000 Chardonnay, but were even more surpri...12/09/06
2001 Estate Cabernet SauvignonDHas huge potential but does not taste as good as the 1998 right now. Will n...04/03/05
2001 Napa Valley Cabernet SauvignonB-CGood smell, needs to store longer, tannins not quite balanced yet, should i...12/11/04
2002 Estate Cabernet SauvignonCBig wine. Very early to drink it right now but this wine will be very good ...05/28/06
2003 Estate ZinfandelB-CA well balanced Zinfandel. Smooth yet spicy. Well balanced. Drinking well r...05/28/06
2003 Napa Valley Cabernet SauvignonBGreat bouquet. Big tannins. Not drinking very well at the moment and could ...05/28/06
2004 Estate Cabernet SauvignonCClassic Montelena - good nose & body with tons of potential.10/25/08
2004 Napa Valley ChardonnayBThis Chardonnay would probably go a lot better with food as it is quite ric...05/28/06
2004 Potter Valley RieslingB-COur first wine of the day and a very nice Riesling. Very smooth. A nice pic...05/28/06
2005 Estate ZinfandelBMedium spice, good body and easy finish. Sweet & fruity finish.01/31/09
2005 Napa Valley Cabernet SauvignonB-CSoft to start, but has good balanced fruit and a really nice finish.03/06/08
2005 Potter Valley RieslingB-CAnother very good Riesling from Chateau Montelena. Good Summer wine. Good v...12/09/06
2006 Estate ZinfandelBChalky taste mingled with fruit flavours. A bolder nose, but lighter taste ...01/31/09
2007 Potter Valley ReislingBSweet to start, crisp to finish10/25/08

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